Instilling love for animals to the young generation is vital- by Simran Vedvyas


As I am passionately working with my group members SynergY to raise awareness on various causes and issues- saving the endangered species and raising public awareness is one of the key initiatives that we undertake.  I am an active member of IUCN Intergenerational Partnership and youth group I wish to share The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

At times we are challenged by the fact that animals must not be kept in-captivity but in the cases where there is threat of species becoming extinct I support the initiatives taken by the governments to allow safe breeding grounds and nurture these races.

I also support and share with you, how important it is to Instill love for the animals to kids as young as Daksh who is barely 2 years of age and got spotted to the VIP invitee list to visit and be friends with 2 special guests Er Shun & Da Mao- The Giant Pandas in Toronto from China.

Canada has got 2 Giant Pandas on loan from China for 5 years in Toronto Zoo-Pandas are found mostly in China and controlled by Chinese Government, they are endangered.  It is a matter of Pride for Canada to have them as guests. Toronto Zoo will be home to the breeding pair for a minimum of five years from 2013 to 2018.  The Pandas will then relocate to the Calgary Zoo sometime in 2018.

Before one gets up close to our adorable new giant panda pair, they will have the chance to take in the new, state-of-the-art Panda Interpretive Centre.  This climate controlled centre features many interpretive and interactive elements for visitors to enjoy year round. Interpretive themes include Eating BambooThreats to Giant Pandas, and Saving Giant Pandas.

Would you like to visit too, MAY BE YES but for now check more details at the official website-







If I were the President ?

As the panelist on the “Kick-start Panel” of the WBCSD/IUCN Business and Ecosystems Think Tank B (8 Sep 2012) – called “Future World Leaders” Panel, Peter Bakker, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development being the Chair – Other Panelists’- Sander Jansen (KPMG, Future World Leaders Programme of WBCSD), Monika Shivras (Holcim, also part of the Future World Leaders Programme of WBCSD) and Maria Ana Borges (IUCN Secretariat) – Dr. Justine Braby, IECN Integrated Environmental Consultants from Namibia, summarized-

The Think Tank was a set of panels of World Business Leaders and Experts on Sustainable Development (e.g. Syngenta, Shell, Holcim, etc). Each of us were assigned two minutes to give our intervention on “own personal views and aspirations on biodiversity and ecosystem challenges”, to which mine was-I believe that, while great efforts have been initiated over the years, we are still on an extremely destructive path for all of biodiversity on Earth, and this includes our own species.

And this doom and gloom picture is the product of our entire system, especially in terms of economy, which has been based on valuing commodities which actually have no value, like Gold, and putting absolutely no value on things that are intrinsic to our own survival – such as clean air, fresh water. This “undervalue”, or “no value”, as a result, has completely disconnected us from nature and our dependency on it!

For instance, we add the price of a bushel of wheat harvested, but we forget to subtract the topsoil lost forever in its mass production. And we are changing too slowly to come back from the MAJOR global losses of ecosystem services and biodiversity as a result of this system.

We are already getting feedback telling us that our current system is not working, peak oil, peak metal – and the end of the golden age! This seems like we are moving toward a dooms day picture if we carry on the same path.

However, there is also hope and excitement in this picture – one with many opportunities combined with the challenges. If a critical mass can realize, understand and want to change, we can use these opportunities to move towards a very bright future in which we value human well-being over material wealth – where a successful person is not a rich person, but a happy, healthy person.

Poverty is eradicated, nature is harmonized with development, and we connect again with our roots. I don’t have the answers to get there – but I know that with like-minded people we can come up with new, brilliant, innovative ways towards this paradigm shift in our society – for the betterment of all living beings in Earth, and especially our human society.  Business, in this sense, can play a key role toward finding these innovations.

After this session Peter Bakker asked us a few questions, including where we think we are and what we would do if we were IUCN President. When asked that question- I alluded to the fact that our current value system is totally skewed – and used the Niger Delta as a case study of the extractive resource curse – 600 Billion USD pumped out of the Niger Delta over the past 50 years, not one of those little green notes making it to one of the 42 million people living in abject poverty here, countless major oil spills which we never hear about, and ecosystems ruined in the globally integral wetland, which would cost at least 1 Billion Dollars and more than half a life time to fix. I then reached to the fact that we have defined our success on material wealth only which is why we are on this destructive path. We need to come up with a new holistic system to measure success rate – one which focuses on human well-being instead. Like, for example, the GNH concept in Bhutan – which is slowly being integrated into other parts of the world.

If I were President, I would advocate for more research and development of this measure – looking at effective communication to enhance and mainstream this concept into decision-making processes. Perhaps then we would collectively realize that ecosystem services and biodiversity are integral to our well-being. 

Before concluding the Business Leaders Panel after me, Peter Bakker mentioned my statement of “happiness and health” over financial wealth again

Remarks with Submission- I posted on my blog about it – but this is very personal and subjective so not so great for professionalism – but something to take from anyway if need be –



Highlight from Jeju, World Conservation Congress 9/9/2012

Meet informally at the Just World Pavilion from 10:30-11:00am.
There are 4 youth-related events happening today, including a poster on Go4BioDiv, a workshop on Greening Higher Education, a workshop on young voices (including 7 fishers from Central America and a local woman speaking about the Jeju naval base, and the logo launch. I encourage you to come to one or more of these events, but to also attend events based on your thematic or geographic interests. Full details here:

Tomorrow, Dominic Stucker would brief all facilitators and break-out group facilitators for workshop 746 on developing the Action Plan. Meeting Point- Just World Pavilion tomorrow 10th Sept’2012(Monday) morning from 9:30-10:30am. If you haven’t signed up to facilitate a break-out group, please step forward – as few few more people are required. The actual Action Planning workshop is on Tuesday from 11-13h in room 203.

Let your networks know that they can watch the World Leaders Dialogues from the IUCN Congress streamed here:

Caroline Seagle is in Jeju! She arrived yesterday and was able to speak in front of the North America and Caribbean Member Organizations last night about her candidature for Regional Councillor.

A Union Working Together to Engage Society for a Sustainable Future

“Council Workshop: happening this evening, and which is also for us to have a youthful input. 19-21h in Room 202. This is a great opportunity for young voices to help shape governance structures and processes within IUCN, as well as make-up of people in decision-making roles –> more youth!

Please send your updates and photos to “Simran Vedvyas” , to post them. This is the blog:

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IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability

How did you fall in love with nature?

How did you fall in love with nature?

The Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) is gathering short videos of personal stories describing how people first fell in love with nature. The stories will be shared widely to highlight why we care about nature and take action to protect it, inspiring others. Come to the CEC Booth immediately inside the entrance to the Exhibition Tent between 11-13h, 7-11 Sept to tell and record your love story. IUCN supporters who are not in Jeju also can submit entries.
Link to the flyer-
Watch this website over the next few days to learn more:

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Advised by Dominic Stucker
IUCN Task Force Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability

News for Youth Professionals from Jeju Conference

Dear Youth Professionals,

Greetings from World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Korea from Dominic Stucker and the team

Those who are attending the Conference Please add your contact details in Korea if not done  (Preferred email and phone) so the updates can be well shared, if you have not done already

Wiki link below gives most Updates

Hilma Angula Junior Consultant from Integrated Environmental Consultants Namibia (IECN) attended first 3 days of the World Conservation Congress,   She attended many sessions and says-“I wish I could be in more than one place at the same time when I look at my programme book”.  Interesting enough and looking at the short clips of “Its love not loss” made her realize that the only way we will communicate effectively to the world is when we communicate LOVE not LOSS. This was her first highlight of the congress, and she thought it was her “wow” factor until she picked up a “post card” titled: “What if we change”, she looked at it wondering, mmmhhh what if we change? She turned it over and over again, and instantly decided; that she will frame this in her room back home, and hang it up for her friends to see.

She attended “Beyond Jargon 2: the next generation of communication strategies for a sustainable world”, this caught on her interest completely, as from the very first presenter to the last, little did she know she found  “post card” to be one of the discussion topics, flashing right on the screen. She concludes “Really this is a wow factor for me!”

Sounds so interesting and those of us who are unable to travel to Jeju can continue to follow virtual blogs, chats and videos.

Simran Vedvyas

For IUCN Task Force Intergenerational Partnership

Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability (IPS)

Youth Action at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, 6-15 September 2012, Jeju, Republic of Korea

The IUCN World Conservation Congress is the world’s largest and most important conservation event. Held every four years, the Congress aims to improve how we manage our natural environment for human, social and economic development. Leaders from government, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, business, UN agencies and social organizations will discuss, debate and decide on solutions for the world’s most pressing environment and development issues. The goal of theTask Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability is to leverage this wonderful international gathering to celebrate and further the many ways in which youth and collaboration across are contributing to healthy environments and communities within and through the IUCN.

The IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership is organizing informal events for young professionals every day at 10.30 AM at the Just World Pavilion, 3F. 

Young Councilor Candidate
Caroline Seagle, a member of CEESP’s Young Professionals Network, is running for the position of IUCN North American and Caribbean Regional Councilor with support from the Task ForceLearn about her on the IUCN Congress website and leave a comment, or read an in-depth bio. If you want to join Carolline’s Campaign Team, please write to her at: Caroline’s e-mail. And, of course, if you represent an IUCN Member Organization, we encourage you to vote for Caroline!

Youth-Related Motions
Six youth related Motions were submitted to the IUCN Resolutions Working Group, drafted by the IUCN Netherlands Committee; IUCN Council President, Ashok Khosla of Development Alternatives; Jeju’s Bureau of Environment; and the Task Force in partnership with the UN-mandated University for Peace. The Task Force was invited to take the lead in merging five of these Motions, resulting in Motion 008, below. We encourage Member Organizations to adopt these Motions as Resolutions. Click to read the full Motion texts in English, French, or Spanish:

Youth-Related Events at Congress
The following are Congress events that relate to youth and collaboration across generations. Please write to Biozid Jessorey to add an missing events to the list. Note that full abstracts and links to documents and discussions related to each event can be accessed directly from the links provided.